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About Criteek

Criteek is the premier community for sports gear, apparel and accessory video reviewers. We believe that authentic, on-camera reviews are in the best interests of shoppers, reviewers and marketers alike.

Criteek Certified Reviewers are knowledgeable and capable and put their reputations on the line in every review they do. They bring shoppers the good, the bad and the ugly about a wide variety of sporting goods products.

Shoppers rate our reviewers on how useful they are. Reviewers with the highest shopper ratings earn access to review-product, the opportunity to create content for CriteekTV – and a share of our advertising revenue. Value earned for value delivered.

Shoppers don’t want to have to hunt for product information. They want convenience. So we enhance the shopping experience by syndicating reviews they can trust to our point-of-sale network..

Marketers who know that authentic reviews – positive or negative – build trust with shoppers, can openly join our network and benefit from our community.

Finally – we are a global community – embracing ALL reviewers. We believe it’s not what you are, it’s who you are. Our community is built around Trust. If you can be trusted to tell it straight in your reviews, Criteek Wants You.

Welcome to Criteek.