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The shopping experience, amplified.

The Premier Video Product Review Network

Conversion Up – Returns Down

The numbers don’t lie. Shoppers who see a video when they’re shopping for a product are more likely to buy* - and the video content shoppers search for most comes from fellow shoppers. User-generated video reviews bring products to life and put reviewers on-screen where the shopper can trust what they see and know what they’re buying – so conversions are up and returns are down. The Criteek Talent Team works with reviewers to make sure they publish feature-specific reviews that shoppers can use. The Criteek Quality Team certifies that every review we syndicate for commercial use. Merchant is happy. Shoppers are happy. Welcome to Criteek.
*Internet Retailer2013

Convenience Counts

70% of shoppers research a product before they buy*. That doesn’t mean shoppers love to do research – it means they want information before they spend their money. They don’t want to have to go looking for information when they’re shopping - and you don’t want them to leave your product page. But even when they do leave, finding authentic video reviews is a chore. Scouring blogs and sifting through giant video sites takes time and before you know it they’re watching I Love Lucy re-runs – far, far away from the shopping decision you want them to make. Criteek streams certified, authentic user-generated video reviews from top sports product reviewers right to your ecommerce product page. Sticky, sticky, sticky. Welcome to Criteek.
*Google ZMOT

It’s All About Trust

The lists of the Top 10 most trusted retail brands are always stacked with merchants who recognize that reviews – positive and negative – build essential trust with shoppers. In fact, shoppers trust the word of other shoppers twelve times more than content from brands or stores**. In a world dominated by “lowest price every microsecond!” – trust is the essential ingredient in building a loyal shopper base. Shoppers know that every product you carry is not a 10 out of 10. But if they can trust you to give them balanced product information they’ll come back again and again to shop. Speaking of trust – shoppers, and you, can trust Criteek reviews. Criteek video reviewers put their reputation on the line with every review they make. Bottom line - trust is essential to healthy commerce. Welcome to Criteek.
*Neilsen 2013

Personalized, Networked Shopping

Shoppers don’t have time to waste. They want their product content served up at the point-of-sale. But the reality is, most of us are “always shopping”- our ears and eyes are constantly peeled for that perfect product we just have to have. MyCriteek allows shoppers to have the latest product reviews streamed to them on their preferred digital platform even when they’re not technically “shopping”. They can stay ahead of what’s going on with gear in all of their favorite sports. And, they can share review videos with everyone in their social network. Of course, all that shared content means SEO for you. It’s an ‘always on’ experience that helps them make informed shopping decisions about your products at the Moment of Truth. Welcome to Criteek.