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Conversion, anyone?

The Premier Video Product Review Network

The Myth of Content Marketing

Whoever came up with the idea of content marketing clearly didn’t have to create any. Creating compelling video content for all your products is time consuming and expensive and not what you do. And even if you can do it – will shoppers trust it? So - where is it supposed to come from? That’s easy! It should come from the source shoppers trust most – other shoppers. Why pay steep agency fees to create content when you can offer shoppers authentic, engaging video reviews from trusted top reviewers at the point of sale? If you believe that the Voice of the Shopper is the key to success, Criteek is an online dashboard where you can take control of your marketing destiny. You won’t need an army of content marketers to give shoppers what they want – you can dial it up any old time. Welcome to Criteek.

Learn While You Earn

Shoppers love to talk and sports shoppers are no exception. Criteek Access technology gets you into the shopping-and-products conversation – with a direct connection to the real people who use your products. Insight technology gives you a view into the numbers that tell the conversion story – what’s working and what isn’t. Criteek crunches the data to give you a clear picture of what’s going on out there in Shopping Land. Criteek Feedback technology lets you conduct live focus groups and performance tests. You can do all this right from your easy-to-use Criteek online dashboard. Think of it as a control panel for your own product research lab. Welcome to Criteek.

The Product Crystal Ball

The marketplace doesn’t lie – and neither do the video reviewers on Criteek. They are passionate about the products they review and will tell you exactly what they think. So, if you’re not ready to embrace good-bad & ugly video reviews as a powerful business tool, this probably isn’t the place for you. On the other hand, if your product managers want the unvarnished truth about your products for testing, development and improvement - and you’re willing to share that truth with shoppers and retailers at the point of sale, you might want to give Criteek a try and see how powerful authentic video product reviews can be for your business. You actually can see into the future by tuning into video reviews now. Welcome to Criteek.

Personalized Shopping Content

Shoppers don’t have time to waste. They want their product content served up at the point-of-sale – and we give it to them. But the truth is, most of people are “always shopping”- with their eyes always peeled for products they can use. With MyCriteek, shoppers can stream video gear reviews from their favorite sports to any channel they like – mobile, web, social – or all three. They can follow their favorite reviewers and brands for the latest scoop on gear and promotional offers. It’s an ‘always on’ experience that helps them make informed shopping decisions at the Moment of Truth. Welcome to Criteek.