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  • Ross WiseMEMBER
  • Location Statham , Georgia , United States
  • Member Since Oct 28, 2015
  • My Reviews 11
  • Visits to Profile 211
  • Business Website www.trainwisefitness.com
  • About Me

    Growing up I was involved in Baseball and Soccer. After college I became hooked on Triathlon. After competing in Triathlon for 5 years I made the transition to Ultra Running and have not looked back since. I love helping other runners reach their goals and rehab from injury. I am a gear junkie and spend a lot of my time researching and trying new products to help me accomplish my running goals. I am not hitting the podium in most events but usually finish top 10-25 in my trail races. I am usually the front of the mid pack and can be competitive in my age group. I enjoy all things running fitness. I have created a strength training program for runners and cyclists. As a therapist I understand the importance of strength training and love body weight training. I average 30-50 miles per week depending on what events I am training for. Outside of my family running is a big part of my life. It is my alone time where I can relax reflect and meditate on all aspects of my life




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